Eurovision 2017 Tips: Making dough from the cheesiest event of the year

Eurovison is undoubtedly a guilty pleasure, but still a very intriguing event to gamble on. With the eyes and ears of Europe watching, who will be victorious in Kiev.

Win – Bulgaria (10/3)

Kristian Kostov’s renedition of ‘Beautiful Mess’ is a good price, considering it has all the makings of a Eurovision winner.

It’s a well written song by the same writers who helped Bulgaria scoop fourth prize last year.

Bulgaria’s fourth place finish last year was their best result, however this year they have little competition from neighbouring countries.

Italy and Portugal are the main rivals in the market, and will battle it out with the Western European countries; whilst Bulgaria may scoop up points from a large portion of Eastern Europe.

This is a good song, and suits Kostov excellently well. The choreography is simple, yet effective, whilst the act as a whole is striking.

Every Eurovision winner has something unique and different, Kostov celebrated his 17th birthday this week. Eurovision loves a story, a power-ballad and effective lights. I’ll be suprised if this is beaten.

Alexander Rybak won the Eurovision Contest for Norway in 2009 with ‘Fairytale’.

Top Ten Finish – Norway (13/2)

According to the bookies JOWST (and Aleksander Walmann) are big outsiders, but I don’t think the Norwegian entries is that bad.

‘Grab The Moment’ is a modern, catchy pop-song which is quite easy to listen to.

Not a serious contender to win the competiton, but good enough to make the top ten.


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